Study Overview

Access-PD is a national registry built in collaboration with researchers at Queen Mary’s University of London. This Registry will allow the research community to better find patient groups for research to advance our understanding of Parkinson’s Disease and to accelerate the development of therapies to improve outcomes for patients.

What’s involved for me?

Once you have consented to join the ACCESS-PD Registry, you will be sent a home testing kit to collect a DNA sample.
This sample will be stored at the Queen Mary’s University of London biorepository where they will be made available to researchers. uMed will send you updates on how your contribution is making a difference to Parkinson’s Disease Research.
You can opt out of the study at any time if you change your mind. For more information on this study, download the patient information leaflet here.

What is uMed?

uMed is a health technology company that connects you to research studies which may benefit you and help advance medicine. Your healthcare provider may have partnered with uMed to help offer opportunities to participate in medical research that is most relevant for you.

So far we have helped more than 5000 patients participate in studies. This is having a huge impact on the development of new treatments and cures. We will never use your data for any purpose other than to contact you on behalf of your GP about research that you may be interested in. If you do not want to participate in any research opportunities then you can opt out.

For more information on on uMed, including frequently asked questions and details about how we keep your data secure, click here.

To be involved in this study please contact

Key Study Information:

  • Treatment Area:

    Parkinson’s Disease

  • Study Type:


  • Sponsored/run by:

    Queen Mary University of London

  • Number of participants:
    Ongoing patient recruitment
  • Patient requirements:
    Must have a confirmed Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis
  • Study duration:

For more information and to see frequently asked questions about this study, download our patient information leaflet below.

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