uMed for Healthcare Providers

Reduce burden on research staff
Generate funding for research
Support grant applications

Only 5% of patients participate in clinical trials, together we are bringing research to the 95%.

uMed is supporting the expansion of ACCESS Next-Generation Registries - well-characterized, research-ready cohorts to meet clinical research requirements necessary to develop disease specific therapeutics.

uMed is working with healthcare institutions across the US, Canada and UK and we are always interested in new partnerships.

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Why join an ACCESS Study?

Become a top performing research center.

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  • For Sites

    Generate funding for research - we compensate for study setup and provide funding to supplement research grants.

  • For Staff

    Minimize the lengthy process of initiating enrollment in person. We support digital patient outreach, screening and data collection reducing burden on research staff.

  • For Investigators

    Make your grant applications more competitive and accurately predict pool of patients available for a specific research project. Our patient engagement services help you demonstrate feasibility to complete projects on time, and on budget.

  • For Patients

    Research-driven patients get access to low burden studies from the comfort of their home.

We put patients and their data first

Patients can opt-out at any time

Reliably safeguarded PHI for tens of thousands of research participant

Patients provide informed consent & HIPAA Authorization to share data 

HIPPA compliant

24 hour support line

 ISO2701 certified