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What we do

The uMed platform helps life science clinical and medical teams recruit patients into studies and build evidence in days, not years.

uMed Platform Walkthrough

In four simple steps
  • Cohort Search
  • Provider Approval
  • Patient Engagement
  • Data Collection

The Cohort Search results go to the Study Sponsor.

uMed finds a specific cohort using de-identified health record data from across our provider network. The sponsor can choose regions or sites.

Research team at the health system review the research opportunity

uMed presents all study documentation including centralized ethics / IRB approvals so that the health system can be adopted as a study site.

Patient Engagement is the first patient contact.

The access request comes from the patient’s recognized medical provider. The patient is provided a weblink to follow. No app downloads are required.

Data Collection

Data is collected directly from the patient and combined with the patient’s EHR data in a fully compliant manner to support the specific needs of each study

How we’re impacting...

Life Sciences
“We used uMed’s technology to rapidly scale up and automate the recruitment of our clinical study, led by Queen Mary University London. Working in this way enabled us to scale and complete recruitment more effectively than traditional recruitment models - it was a simple integration for our team and the health professionals at Queen Mary University of London and one which we will seek to engage with again.”
Dr Hakim Yadi
CEO of Closed Loop Medicine
“We are excited to be working with uMed to promote and develop clinical research accross Modality sites, allowing the benefits from studies to be brought to the general public faster."
Zishan Ali
Partner at Modality GP Partnerships

Medical Partners


uMed sets a new standard by ensuring patients as well as healthcare providers have transparency, and control over the use of health data.

To find out more about our Integrated Management System or any other specific governance policie(s) please contact us.

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