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Who we are

Have you received a message about joining a registry and are wondering who we are?

We are an accredited platform used by healthcare providers to connect patients with medical research opportunities that are relevant to their health circumstances.

If you have further questions about uMed or a study you’ve been invited to please contact our patient support team.

What is a registry and why have I been invited to take part?

You have been invited to take part because your health records indicate you are suitable to be part of the research.

A registry is a type of study that follows participants over time and collects information on individual patients.

Unlike traditional registries we've developed a novel type of study design that provides researchers with invaluable data about different diseases and conditions, provided by you, on your own terms, from the comfort of your own home, in the form of questionnaires, medical device data and DNA testing.

If you’d like to be part of this research but would like support at any point with the questionnaires or signing up to the study, our team of study support specialists are available by phone to help you throughout the process, and remember you can opt out at any point.

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The barriers to patient access

We connect patients with research

We never sell your data

We separate all identifiable information from health data

We're HIPAA Compliant

We’re certified by Cyber Essentials Plus

We’re ISO ISO9001:2015 & ISO27001:2013 certified

Our goal is to inform and support

So you can make an informed decision about participating in research

How is uMed supporting research?

Supporting representation of the wider population

A wide proportion of the UK population are registered with a GP. Working with our primary care research network we are able to offer patients research opportunities who might otherwise miss out due to their background, age or gender. 

Supporting NHS participation in research

GP Participation is crucial to advancing our understanding of medical conditions and the development of new treatments. We take on the workload to enable your GP to take part in research so they can continue to focus on caring for you.

Accelerating the research process

80% of studies are delayed because of a failure to recruit patients; this has a significant impact on the development of treatments and cures. We’re matching patients with highly relevant studies to ensure studies can progress at pace.

Examples of Medical Partners

If you have further questions about uMed or a study you’ve been invited to please contact our patient support team

Contact us at or +1 888 454 5580