uMed stands for “United in Medicine”

At uMed, we build consented patient Cohorts that accelerate research and generate insights to improve outcomes for patients.

Our Mission

Is to improve the lives of those living with disease by enabling access to the data and insights needed to bring new therapies and innovations to patients.

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Our Story

Across the therapy area lifecycle there are many questions, that if answered could accelerate the development and adoption of treatments that will improve outcomes for patients. However the main routes to evidence creation are currently leaving valuable research questions unanswered.

uMed are addressing these critical evidence gaps by enabling access to the data and insights needed to accelerate the delivery of new medicines and innovations to patients.

Our team


Dr Matt Wilson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Anil Jina

Chief Medical Officer

Carol Lynch

Executive Chair

Carlos Miragall

Chief Financial Officer

Caroline Smithers

VP of Finance

Abi Dhillon

VP Healthcare Partnerships & UK Country Director

Glen Swinfield

VP of Engineering

Kavita Sundararajan

VP of Product

Sian Organ

Director of Business Development & Key Accounts

Lily Batt

Director of Programmes