uMed for Life Sciences

Address evidence gaps in days, not years 

Faster, scalable research to improve the understanding of disease evolution in chronic conditions from both a clinical and patient perspective.

Using uMed’s cutting edge ACCESS technology platform and master protocol embedded in a global network of healthcare institutions, uMed’s Cohort Platform Studies address specific evidence gaps by allowing teams to build datasets that combine the power of electronic health records with clinical and patient generated data.

Gather Insights

Clinical & Patient Insight Generation

Rapid access to appropriate patients allows short and long-term insight generation


  • Burden of disease

  • Patient profiling

  • Identification of unmet needs

  • Trial design support 


  • Market research

  • Patient preference

  • Unmet need

  • Pre-launch planning

  • Post-launch insights

Collect data that isn't routinely collected in the health record or easy to find via secondary data sources

Access established datasets ready to reach back to characterised patients to gather insights or data you can't capture from the medical record or secondary data sources

Access deeply characterized consented patient cohorts that exactly match your research requirements

Reach patients who are not normally included in research that better represent the total population

Answer new research questions at speed, without the cost and resource of setting up from scratch 

Build new credible clinical evidence from IRB approved protocol programmes that will influence clinical practice & regulatory decisions

Access exclusive data with real-time integrated clinical outcomes that combine EMR, physician reported outcomes, and patient generated data

Hear directly from the patient’s perspective

Use Case

Patient Perspectives

“It's been 5 years since my diagnosis but this is my first time taking part in Parkinson's research because of my poor mobility. Being able to take part despite having no internet is a big positive and your nurses make this possible.”

Carole Henrickson, 75, Hull

AccessPD participant