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Empowering primary care participation in research

uMed takes on the workload of identifying, engaging and screening suitable patients for research, enabling healthcare providers to participate in revenue-generating studies without additional burden.

  • Helped over 6000+ patients participate in research

  • Trusted by 500+ GP practices across the UK

  • Generated over £180,000 for the NHS to date

  • Supported 17 studies across 9 disease areas

Who are uMed?

We connect patients with research

We are data processors, not controllers

We separate all identifiable information from health data

We’re compliant with the requirements of the NHS Digital Data and Security Protection Toolkit

We’re certified by Cyber Essentials Plus

We’re a Crown Commercial Service Supplier

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Benefits to healthcare institutions

Quick approval, no hassle

Approve patient lists in 1 minute and continue to focus on your number one priority: patient care.

Open up access to research for patients.

Patients from all socioeconomic backgrounds and ethnicities can participate. There are no trial site limitations meaning that no patient should be denied participation.

Patient support line provided

uMed’s support team alleviates pressure of patient calls to practice about participation in the programme.

Earn revenue from multiple sub-studies 

Create collaboration between research active and non-research active practices by generating additional additional revenue.

We’re supporting a range of academic and commercial studies across multiple disease areas.

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We do the work, so you can continue to focus on patient care 

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Healthcare providers in our network

We do the work, so you can continue to focus on patient care 

  • Data Protection

    We’ve pioneered the automation of the most time-consuming aspects of research – patient identification, approval and engagement – enabling healthcare professionals to participate in more studies with minimal incremental workload.

  • Opt Out

    Patients can opt out of contact, sharing data or study participation at any time. We will not contact patients who have registered for the national data opt out.

  • 24hr checks

    Our system runs 24 hr checks on the EHR data to ensure no patients are engaged who are unsuitable (due to mortality, admitted to care homes).

  • Support Line

    uMed provides a nurse support line to support patients throughout the process and reduce the pressure of incoming calls for practice staff related to the study.

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