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Engage patients in research in days, not years.
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Why uMed?

The uMed platform provides an end-to-end solution to identify, engage, and consent patients into clinical studies.

Minimise screen failures

We pre-screen using EHR & digital questionnaires to identify only relevant patients for the study.

Automated patient engagement

We automate patient outreach via SMS, email & letter on behalf of the healthcare provider.

Reach diverse patient populations

We identify and tailor outreach towards minoritised groups leading to 5x more representation.

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How we work...

uMed directly engages patients based on health records to build targeted cohorts and linked data.



Using EHR data.



Via SMS, email and letter, on behalf or healthcare provider.


Consent & collect data

Patient provides full consent to share data.

uMed solutions for life science researchers…

uMed Recruit

Links health record data with direct-to-patient SMS outreach to accelerate patient recruitment for clinical trials.

  • Enrol more patients for your trials
  • Waste less time screening patients
  • Recruit more diverse cohorts
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uMed Cohorts

Direct access to IRB approved real-world patient cohorts in specific diseases.

  • Rapid patient re-engagement based on baseline dataset to collect additional data and samples
  • 35 working days to collect novel endpoints and link to data in the EMR
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Over 5 million patients

accessible through the uMed platform in the UK


healthcare providers in our UK network


patients enrolled in clinical studies

Working with 3

top pharmaceutical companies

Working with 8

academic, biotech & medical device sponsors


therapeutic areas

Featured case study

uMed’s unique engagement strategy for rapid & scalable trial recruitment

  • Multi-touch patient outreach via letter, SMS & email on behalf of the healthcare provider increased conversion.
  • Supported study progression with device distribution & remote training alongside data collection & aggregation.
  • Dedicated nurse follow-up informed & re-assured patients leading to increased randomisations.

Project summary

uMed worked with a UK based MedTech company on a prospective observational study of patients with COPD. The research aimed to evaluate the clinical effectiveness of a respiratory monitor which measured CO2 levels in tidal breathing of participants.

uMed played an integral role in the progression of this research, not only in the successful recruitment of patients, but also in the distribution of the devices, remote device training via a GCP qualified nurse, and in the collection and aggregation of key data to demonstrate efficacy of the device.

Key stats

  • Patients engaged & screened: 13,353
  • Patients consented & enroled: 792
  • 740 (100% of target) trained on the device & completed the trial
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