uMed Recruit

The digital patient recruitment platform that enrols patients for trials in days, not years.

The uMed Recruit platform links health record data with direct-to-patient SMS outreach to accelerate patient recruitment for phase II, III & IV clinical trials.

Meet your recruitment target on time, every time

We increase monthly patients randomised by an average of 3x, empowering you to better meet your recruitment timeframe.

Minimise screening

We automatically pre-screen patients with EHR information and digital questionnaires so that ~80% of patients referred to sites by uMed go on to be randomised.

Increase population

We can identify and tailor our outreach towards ethnic minorities, achieving up to 5x more representation of minoritised groups.

Access novel
patient populations

We identify patients via primary care that are interested in clinical research but overlooked by traditional recruitment methods.

Why we’re different

Integration with top 2 GP EHR software platforms

The only platform to integrate with a network of over 450 primary care practices which facilitates easy GP approval to reach out to patients.

Automatic patient outreach on behalf of recognised GP

The only platform to automatically reach out to approved patients via an SMS on behalf of their recognised GP.

EHR & hospitalisation data linkage

uMed can augment GP EHR data with secondary care HES data into a complete study data set, which would otherwise require manual collection.

“Trial sites saw a rapid increase when using uMed to find and contact patients, versus them recruiting patients manually.”
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How we make a difference

The Challenge

The Solution

85% of trials are delayed due to slow recruitment. Having to move the goalposts of a study is common and expensive for the sponsor.

uMed increases monthly randomised patients by an average of 3 times.

CROs and major clinical sites struggle with access to patients and often recycle the same patient populations for each trial.

Recruiting via primary care, uMed is easily able to identify research naïve patients.

Screening failures due to precise inclusion/exclusion criteria waste resources and increases burden on site staff.

uMed pre-screens patients with EHR and digital questionnaires referring only the most relevant patients to sites.

Critical under representation of ethnic minorities in clinical trials means that research often fails to accurately represent the true population.

uMed can identify and tailor outreach towards ethnic minorities achieving up to 5x more representation.

Case Studies

Parkinson's Disease


275% increase in monthly enrolment. Increased representation of ethnic minorities from 3% to 18%.

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Achieved recruitment target in 21 days, exceeding objective of 6 months.

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End-to-end support. From patient recruitment to device delivery & training, to collection and aggregation of key data.

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How we work

  • We find the right patients from the start. Using health record data we are able to filter by specific inclusion and exclusion criteria, generating only the most relevant patient cohorts, therefore reducing screening failures at the site.
  • Additional screening. Once engaged we can provide further digital questionnaire screening to make sure patients are suitable for your study.
  • Automatically engage potential trial participants. Once a potential trial participant is approved by our provider partner, we automatically reach out to the patient via SMS, email and/or letter to invite them to participate. The patient can find all the information on the study and consent electronically to be contacted by the trial site.
  • Workload for the provider practice is minimal, so the full process, from initial patient identification to engagement, is extremely quick and efficient.

How does uMed Recruit work?

uMed platform walkthrough

In four simple steps
  • Cohort Search
  • Provider Approval
  • Patient Engagement
  • Data Collection

The Cohort Search Results go to the Study Sponsor.

uMed finds a specific cohort using de-identified health record data from across our provider network. The Sponsor can choose regions or sites.

Research team at the health system review the research opportunity

uMed presents all study documentation including centralized ethics/IRB approvals so that the health system can be adopted as a study site.

Provider Approval - Physicians for the identified patients can review their patient lists and approve or omit as required.

uMed digitally engages providers associated with the cohort identified in Step 1 for study authorization

Data Collation

ePRO data is collected directly from the patient and combined with the patient’s EMR data in a fully compliant manner.
“Patients contacted via text message on behalf of their GP were far more engaged than those recruited to the study via the traditional enrolment methods.”
Closed Loop Medicine

What does the patient see?

We have built our process so that the patient experiences a seamless experience from the first text message they receive.

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