A next-generation registry of patients with Cardiometabolic Disease

AccessCMD is a next-generation registry that interacts directly with patients via online questionnaires and other remote testings, to create a rich database of disease-relevant information that can be used to support research into Cardiometabolic Disease. AccessCMD participants are also offered additional patient-specific research opportunities; your practice will receive payment for each patient enrolled in these sub-studies with no further input required from your practice staff.

  • Generate ongoing revenue: You’ll receive payment from multiple research opportunities offered to patients within the registry.
  • No additional workload for the practice: Approve patients for the registry in one click, we re-engage patients for sub-studies with no additional input from you.
  • Help improve patient access to research: GP participation supports reach to a wider patient demographic, providing research opportunities for patients from all backgrounds.

AccessCMD is part of uMed’s ACCESS Cohort programme which currently also includes registries of patients with Parkinson’s Disease (AccessPD) and Interstitial Lung Disease (AccessILD).