uMed announces the enrollment of 1000 patients into their AccessCMD Cardiometabolic Patient Cohort

uMed have announced the successful enrollment of 1000 participants into their AccessCMD Cardiometabolic Disease Cohort, just 4 months after the study launched in the UK.

The growth of AccessCMD within this time frame highlights the capability of uMed’s unique approach of patient identification and tailored engagement to rapidly build a database of pre-consented patients within specific disease areas.

AccessCMD provides researchers access to custom data and insights based on specific research criteria.

Unlike traditional registries that are static and do not allow for the collection of customised data, AccessCMD combines routinely collected EMR with outcomes collected directly from patients at-home including genetic tests, wearable device data and clinically validated scales.

This provides researchers with a rich source of regulatory grade data that can be further augmented with the collection of custom endpoints. Furthermore, AccessCMD enables the running of standalone studies within the infrastructure of the existing cohort.

The alarming rise in global prevalence of cardiometabolic disease, and the resulting economic and healthcare burdens associated with managing these chronic conditions, has prompted a surge of research into developing effective preventative and therapeutic measures.

In particular, the effectiveness of the GLP-1 receptor agonists has been hitting the headlines, with recent research highlighting the benefits of these drugs to significantly lower the risk of cardiovascular events.[1]

With these cardiometabolic disorders affecting an increasingly large proportion of the global population, there is demand for wide-scale research with groups that are representative of the entire population, allowing for a true understanding of these diseases and the impact of therapies and treatments. The challenge for researchers is finding a large enough group of patients that meet the very specific criteria to conduct robust studies.

uMed’s ACCESS Research Platform and AccessCMD protocol is embedded across a vast network of healthcare providers across the UK, providing access to a wide patient population and allowing for rapid identification of those with a diagnosis of cardiometabolic disease. Patients are sent tailored engagements, on behalf of their trusted healthcare provider, inviting them to participate in the Cohort, and are asked for their consent to be recontacted for additional research opportunities.

This unique approach, combined with fully remote data collection, mitigates biases that often arise in research due to factors such as patient location, socioeconomic circumstances, race, gender, and age. The result is the development of a diverse cohort of patients that can be rapidly and repeatedly contacted to collect additional data points as required.

AccessCMD continues to be offered to patients via their healthcare providers in the UK, and will launch in the US in Q3 2024.