Recruit Plus

Build evidence for your product faster with uMed's observational research study offering

One of the biggest challenges with running a Phase IV study is the cost which can in many cases be prohibitive particularly for a market like the UK.

Recruit Plus provides a solution which enable Life Sciences companies to run Phase IV observational studies in a cost effective and timely way.

Our process is the following:

  • Identify patients from their EHR record with inclusion/exclusion criteria to create an ideal cohort
  • Reach out to these patients via our GP network to consent and enrol them into the study
  • Collect patient report outcome data remotely
  • Integrate the data collected with the patient’s EHR record

In this way, we can quickly enrol a large number of patients into a study and scale the tracking of the patient reported outcomes in a cost effective way using our software platform/technology.

Whether it be building matched control arms to support your active monitoring study, demonstrating the effectiveness of Software as a Medical Device or making the case for changing the standard of care for your product area we can help you to quickly build evidence.

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See patients in high definition

Through uMed’s data systems it’s possible to gather:

  • Patient Reported outcomes (ePro)
  • Custom Biomarker Samples
  • Genomics Data
  • and more…

What does the patient see?

We are currently building our first Recall study the effects of long-COVID. We also have a pipeline of cohorts across different therapy areas so please get in touch to discuss.

How does uMed | Recruit Plus work?

uMed Platform Walkthrough

In four simple steps
  • Cohort Search
  • Provider Approval
  • Patient Engagement
  • Data Collection

The Cohort Search Results go to the Study Sponsor

uMed finds a specific cohort using de-identified EHR data from across our provider network. The Sponsor can choose regions or sites.

Provider Approval - Physicians for the identified patients can review their patient lists and approve or omit as required.

uMed digitally engages providers associated with the cohort identified in Step 1 for study authorization

Patient Engagement is the first patient contact.

The access request comes from the patient’s recognized medical provider. The patient is provided a weblink to follow. No app downloads are required.

Data Collection

ePRO data is collected directly from the patient and combined with the patient’s EMR data in a fully compliant manner.

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